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Basse-Pointe in Martinique : Useful information and what to visit

Basse-Pointe in Martinique : Useful information and what to visit

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The commune of Basse-Pointe is located in the North of Martinique between Le Lorrain, Ajoupa-bouillon and Macouba. It is dominated by the Pelee Mountain and slopes towards the Atlantic Ocean. Rich in history, the town of Basse-Pointe is also a land of welcome for the many Indian immigrants of the 1850s. The first settlers cultivated tobacco and cocoa here.
It is at the origin of the town, the first mention of which dates back to 1685.
Be ready to discover the thousand facets of the land of birth of the incomparable man of culture, Aimé Césaire who is a pride of all Martiniquais.

The commune of Basse-Pointe represents a great agricultural granary of Martinique thanks to its climate and the fertility of its soil. We also find traditional crops for export, such as bananas, sugar cane and pineapple.

The monuments

The historical monuments in the Basse-Pointe are of unequalled splendor and richness. We can give you a few examples such as the Pécoul dwelling which extends over 140 hectares including 120 hectares of farmland entirely located between the Atlantic Ocean and Mount Pelée. The 300 year old monument includes a main house, industrial equipment and landscaping. It owes its name to the Pécoul family who have owned the monument since 1801. The Pécoul dwelling is a witness to the industrial, social and architectural changes that Martinique underwent at the beginning of the 18th century.

Another historical monument that is the pride of the commune of Basse-Pointe is the wolf bell. This monument dating from the seventeenth century is characterized by a Gothic form. It was found in the middle of the sea bed, experts estimate that it spent 300 years underwater. The bell has a cross carefully placed on its pedestal and decorated with interlacing patterns.

Basse-Pointe has other monuments such as the bridge of Gradis, the Leyritz dwelling or the sculptures Biface and Borne 01. The architectural and historical richness of the region makes it one of the places not to be missed in Martinique. This charming town will undoubtedly seduce you, you will keep unforgettable memories.

The city of Basse-Pointe in 6 questions

The town of Basse-Pointe in 6 questionsaHow many inhabitants are there in Basse-Pointe?

3026 inhabitants

Surface area and density of the municipality

Area: 108 km2
Density: 28 km2

What to do and see in Basse-Pointe?

Discover the Nature and Discovery Trail of Chalvet;
Visit the Chalvet and Pécoul dwellings (classified as Historic Monument 9);
Enter the Catholic Church of Basse-Pointe (whose altar is classified as a Historic Monument 10);

Best restaurants in the municipality?

Le Petit Palais Chez Valence – 8 Ruelle Saint Jean
Le Relais de la Falaise – Route d’Ajoupa Bouillon
Restaurant de la Cascade – Gorges de la Falaise

Information about the Town Hall

22 rue Docteur-Morestin, A.K.R. – 97218
Téléphone : +596 78 50 44

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