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Waterfall of Didier in Martinique

Photo de la Cascade de Didier

Waterfall of Didier in Martinique

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Today, we gain height and discover a treasure of Martinique nature: Didier’s Waterfall. Take secret paths and overlook the Dumauzé River during your walk. This hike has become over the years a must for all forest lovers. It allows you to surpass yourself physically, while enjoying this green setting. In this article specially concocted for you, discover without further delay what you need to know about Didier’s waterfall. Put on your walking shoes, the walk starts now!

Description of the waterfall of Didier

Didier’s waterfall is further proof that only nature is capable of creating such a marvel. The human being only has to contemplate it! It is located on the heights of the commune of Fort-de-France. Out of sight, this waterfall is offered only to those who have taken the trouble to brave the obstacles of lush vegetation.

However, before detailing the conditions of the journey that awaits you, let’s discover together the characteristics of Didier’s waterfall. There are actually two of them. The first one, considered as the smallest and the second one, which is the biggest.

Visitors, after a 20 to 25-minute walk from the beginning of their excursion, can observe the first waterfall. The latter is located just behind the dam of the Duclos River. This is an impressive waterfall, which calls for a swim!
As for those who always want more and who are determined, they can take the second route to reach the second waterfall. It is located much higher and at the bottom of a valley. Be aware that, its accessibility being reduced, there are therefore fewer people who go there. Without a doubt, this large waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Martinique.

The hike

Photo de la randonnée à la Cascade de Didier

Be prepared to climb for about an hour so that you can properly admire these waterfalls. To get there, just follow the road to Didier, which is named after the sparkling mineral water production plant. To give you an idea, the factory is already located at an altitude of 200 m on the heights of Fort-de-France. Once you reach the plant, a path continues past the treatment plant. Park your car, let’s go!

Didier’s first waterfall

The hike officially starts once the passage is taken on the left. Your landmark is a fence, which then leads you to a bridge. Normally you are not alone, other curious people regularly take this path to reach the waterfalls. You will soon understand why you should put on your best hiking boots, the terrain is far from flat and can even become slippery. So watch the weather forecast, if it rained the day before, expect a more delicate route.

Once you reach the end of the trail, you will have to go through a tunnel. This one is quite dark, take a flashlight or better, a headlamp to light your way. Some bats are used to live here. Silence is therefore required if you don’t want to wake them up! To reach the end of the tunnel, your challenge is to go through a big pipe. Did you manage it? Perfect, you just have to take the path on your right and follow the course of the river. After a quarter of an hour, you will reach the Duclos River dam. The first waterfall is just behind it.

Photo de la première Cascade de Didier en Martinique

Didier’s second waterfall

If you are one of the more adventurous hikers, you might be tempted to continue your sporty stroll to reach the second waterfall. We warn you, you must enjoy climbing. From the first waterfall, consider that the ascent takes about half an hour. There are no markers, just go up along the river and jump from rock to rock. One thing is sure, this is a physical excursion. When you will see this great waterfall at the bottom of the valley, you will be delighted to have drawn on your resources to reach it!

Practical information about the waterfall of Didier

What we must remember from this hike on the heights of the commune of Fort-de-France is that you must be well-equipped in terms of hiking accessories. The fact of being able to admire the waterfalls is deserved, it is not a small walk of health!

You are walking in a protected area of the tropical forest park of Martinique, so you have to be respectful of the environment, fauna and flora. It is forbidden to picnic or to fish there.
Crossing the river can be dangerous because the ground is slippery and the water is rising. In addition, young children must be supervised by well-equipped adults.

Randonnée balisée à la Cascade de Didier

Address and access plan

  • Address: Cascade de Didier, Schoelcher, Martinique
  • District : Fort-de-France 97 200
  • Start and finish of the course: Fontaine Didier
  • Duration of the tour: between one hour and one hour and a half
  • Distance to cover: between 1.8 km and 2.6 km, depending on whether you decide to reach only the first waterfall or if you want to see both.
  • Difference in height: between 130 and 150 meters.

The difficulty of the course will depend on your physical condition and if you are a regular hiker.

The first part of the hike, which corresponds to the first waterfall, is more suitable for any type of person, while the second part is suitable for experienced walkers. Which is mostly marked.

You now have in your possession all the useful information to prepare your future hike in the Martinique forest. Didier’s waterfall ranks among the most beautiful waterfalls of this small Caribbean island. In addition, there is a greater number of visitors on weekends. If you can afford to go for a walk during the week, you can hope to swim in one of these privatized pools just for you.

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