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Le Carbet : visit, good addresses and practical information


Le Carbet : visit, good addresses and practical information

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Located about 17 kilometers from the capital Fort-de-France, and 16 kilometers from Saint-Joseph, the Carbet refers to a type of dwelling belonging to the Caribbean natives, resembling large huts. Like the other towns of Martinique, this commune also has a particular history. It is here that Christopher Columbus is said to have landed in 1502, during his last voyage.

The development of the town began in the second half of the 17th century, but in 1902 the population of the town moved, for the most part, to the South, following the volcanic eruption of Mount Pelee. Le Carbet is an exceptional town that has experienced a notable development, thanks to the cultivation of cane and cocoa, which make its prosperity.

Entrée du zoo de Martinique au Carbet

The city of Carbet in 7 questions

How many inhabitants are there at Le Carbet?

3683 Inhabitants

Surface area and density of the municipality

Area: 36 km2
Density: 98 km2

What to do and see at Le Carbet?

Saint-Jacques Church (classified as a historical monument)
Discover the Paul-Gauguin Museum: it presents copies and paintings of the painter made during his stay in Martinique.
The Taïlamé house (historical monument)
Cascade du Saut d’Eau du Carbet : 100 m high, it is visible from the Slave Canal.
The canal des Esclaves (also called canal de Beauregard)
The Tomb of the Spanish Lady
Visit the Neisson distillery: one of the most prized rums on the island of Martinique.
The Zoo of Martinique on the site of the Anse Latouche dwelling: former sugar factory founded in 1643.
Farnienter on one of the Carbet beaches: Anse Turin, Anse Latouche, Carbet Nord, Plage du coin, Carbet Sud (Le Marouba)

Where to sleep at Le Carbet ?

The Palma Christi (Chalet) – Rue du kayali Morne aux bœufs, 97221 Martinique
Koulè bô kay (vaation home) : Grand Anse, Martinique –
Appartement T2 tropical en bord de piscine à 100m de la mer


The best restaurants in the town?

Restaurant 1643 – Anse Latouche
Resto Beach Grill – 2 Allée du Débarcadère
Le Petibonum – Plage du Coin, 97221, Martinique

Information about the Town Hall

Phone number : +596 78 00 40
Address : 1 Place Jules Grevy, 97221, Martinique

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